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Tiara and Danyle

please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Story

Danyle and Tiara's love story began on the highest of 7 hills. Tiara entered FAMU in fall 2008, where she was nicknamed Suki, and Danny entered in fall 2009. Danny formed a crush after seeing Suki around campus at various social events but was unsure of how to approach her, seeing as though they were involved in two different circles. Suki was surrounded by an artsy, creative, party scene while Danny was involved with student government, the sciences and her sorority. On October 1st, 2014 Danny finally worked up the nerve to approach the woman she had longed after for years and decided to reach out. She proceeded to message Suki in her Twitter DMs and inquire about her styling services. The two set up a time to meet each other at the fair. It ended up being their first date of many and they became inseparable after this. The connection was magnetic. Danny and Suki spent the first two years building a solid friendship and finally began dating seriously on October 24th, 2016. They flourished over the years in the DMV area. As time passed, their bond became so strong. They grew as women, learning life together and steadily growing in love. Fast forward to December 19th, 2022 Danny got down on one knee and asked Suki to make it a forever thing. Of course she said YES!

The couple is overjoyed to share this day of love with you all. Thank you for being apart of the journey.